eSEN-II is a Modular Wireless Electrochemical Sensing Platform. The eSEN-II platform is designed to meet OEM’s requirements. The eSEN-II utilizes a modular product design concept to provide customers with maximum programmability and flexibility. The eSEN-II platform can provide all major functionalities required by an electrochemical sensing system from assay automation to lysis and electrochemical analysis. eSEN-II can be programmed to run any electrochemical sensing protocol through eTOUCH Android or Windows App. (Product Brief). 

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eSEN-II Sub-Modules

eAMP-I: Eight Channel Amperometric Sensing Module (Product Brief)

eCONTROL-I: Control and Power Management Module (Product Brief)

eFLUIDIC-I: Sixteen Channel Digital Microfluidic Controller Module (Product Brief)

eIMAP-I: Impedance Analyzer Module (Product Brief)

ePCR-LYSIS-I: PCR Regulation and Electrical Lysis Module (Product Brief)

ePH-I: PH Sensing Module (Product Brief)

ePOT-I: Eight Channel Potentiometric Sensing Module (Product Brief)

eWAVE-I: Fully Programmable Excitation Waveform Generator (Product Brief)

eBRIDGE-I: Sensor Connection Bridge Module (Product Brief)

eSENSOR-I: Front-End Sensor Module (Product Brief)


Our free Android App enables you to connect to eSEN-II wirelessly over Bluetooth. It allows the user to fully configure and run all modules, as well as setup, save, or load custom experiment protocols. The results are stored on the tablet and can be uploaded onto Google Drive. It will be available for free on the Google Play Store.