06/03/2017     Successfully taped-out its first image sensor chip (eimag-I)

02/11/2016      First patent filed titled: "Modular Electrochemical and/or Bioassay                                                           Sensing Platform and Control Thereof".  USPTO # 15/341,009

10/07/2016     EnviroSen employee awarded Mitacs Elevate scholarship

05/06/2016     Successfully awarded OCE Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (“VIP”)                                                       Program Project #25349 “Multiplexing Confocal with A Sparse CMOS Imager” in                                                 collaboration with McMaster University

11/04/2016     Successful testing of first water quality monitoring platform

1/11/2015        Successful testing of first modular electrochemical sensing platform

4/5/2015         Relocation to a new office -  250 University Ave, Toronto, On

12/03/2015      Secures first custom CMOS Imager design project

10/11/2014      First sale of our electrochemical sensing platform

10/9/2013       Successful testing of first electrochemical sensing platform

11/8/2013        EnviroSen Inc is incorporated